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FoamZone 150 Cleaner Kit



Customer Reviews

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Erik Guerra
Great stuff! It’s like magic

I work on the ramp for an airline 💙❤️💛 and my shoes take a beating. This stuff works great!!! I definitely recommend it! I saved myself $150 bucks!

Tommy Scalici
Videos are deceiving

Don’t think that your shoes will come out as clean as they do I the videos. Don’t waste your money.

Thank you for your message. We can understand your frustration if you are trying to get the results that we get in the videos with a quick clean. Videos are edited down to be about 30 seconds long. In reality it can take much longer to get the best results on some shoes. If you watch when the Shoe Doc is on LIVE you can see the full process. There are also Shoe Doc videos on YouTube that take you through the entire journey. I have placed a few links below. If you have a specific pair of shoes that you are looking to get better results on, please email photos of the shoes and your comments about your results to and our team will reply with tips to help you make the shoes look great! In the end, we want you to be happy, so if you can not get the results that you want and would like to return the product we will be happy to provide you with a refund.

Cole Stephenson

This product is amazing great work

Works Almost All the way

Very good shoe cleaner but I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or it’s the shoe cleaner itself but it doesn’t really work well against Jean stains on shoes for example I have some white vapor maxes plus with jeans stains on them and the material and plastic part have blue stains on them I have tried multiple times to get rid of them but no hope, if possible can you help me out doc?

FZ150 will remove dirt and stains, but permanent inks or dye. Sometimes if the jean stains are light and you get to them quickly you can have good luck. If the blue dye has set into the material, unfortunately it will be just about impossible to remove. We recommend regular cleaning to prevent the build up of stains like these that can become a problem.

William Cherry
Works Amazingly

This shoe cleaner and brush works very well and am 1000% satisfied. The shoe tree is a must-have as an ad-on as it ads stability when cleaning your shoes and restores and holds the form of the toe canopy very well.