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Refund policy


All products also come with a Money-Back Guarantee, which works as follows:

 Should you decide within 30 days (of delivery date) that you changed your mind and simply don’t want your purchase, you may apply to return for a refund.


To be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee, ALL of the following criteria need to apply.


Return must be requested by you within 30 calendar days of order delivery date.

This return request must be initiated by sending an email to  You will receive a reply to your email with instructions to start the return process.

Your item must be returned in the original packaging.

Your item must not be damaged.

Return shipping arrangements and return shipping expense are both the customer’s responsibility.

Important: do NOT ship your product back to the address on the original package, because we will not be able to receive your returned goods in this case.

You must ship your product(s) back to the address we will provide to you by email.  Once the package has been shipped to us we require that you inform us by email of the return tracking number.  You must also email us a photo/screenshot of the shipping receipt.

Your item must be shipped out within 7 calendar days of receiving return instructions in order for a refund to be considered.

All gifted, complimentary  items must be returned along with the main unit.

PayPal transaction fees (if you choose this payment option) are not refundable.

If customs fees need to be paid to receive your returned package (for international orders), the amount of such fees will be deducted from your refund.

All refunds are only issued for the cost of the returned goods. All shipping and handling fees (including the original shipping and handling we provided to you for free, as well as costs for inspection and for repackaging of your returned goods) are non-refundable, and will be deducted from your refund.

Assuming these the above criteria are satisfied, we will issue your refund or exchange (depending on your request) within 15 business days of receiving your returned item.




All products come with a Product Quality Guarantee.


This means that should your product arrive and you notice it doesn't work or function correctly, or is somehow broken, or if you received the wrong product, we will provide a free return shipping label for the damaged item and send you a brand new replacement, 100% FREE.  The company will be responsible for all cost incurred.


IMPORTANT: Please check your package and product thoroughly upon arrival and report any damages/defects/wrong product issues immediately, within 7 calendar days.


To be eligible for the Product Quality Guarantee, you must meet both of the following criteria:


- The damage/defect/quality/wrong product issue must be reported to us within 7 days of the delivery date.


- You must submit a video that clearly demonstrates the issue.




Our Product Quality Guarantee does not cover quality issues reported by you more than 7 days after delivery.  For this case, please refer to our Warranty Policy.


To report a product defect/quality issue and request assistance or a replacement, please email us:




You also may apply to return your product for a refund or exchange if your product is found to be damaged/defective or if you received an item other than what you ordered.  Applications for return and refund of a damaged/defective/wrong item must be made in writing by email within 7 days of receiving the merchandise.  If we do not receive your request within these 7 days, this return and refund offer is voided.


Return shipping expense and arrangements are the customer’s responsibility, and we do not provide return shipping labels for items that will be refunded.


Customers who want to return a damaged/defective/wrong item for a refund must first, within 7 days of receiving their product, apply in writing by sending an email to The email application must include evidence in the form of a video or photos clearly demonstrating the issue.  A customer who qualifies for a return and refund of damaged/defective/wrong item product will be provided with the relevant return shipping instructions including return shipping address, and the customer must then provide to us in writing, a valid return tracking number and photo of return shipping receipt.


No refunds for defective/damaged/wrong item products will be made if the product has been in your possession more than 7 days when you report the defect/damage, and/or not been returned to the address we provide to you.


Refunds are only issued for the cost of the returned goods. All shipping and handling fees (including the original shipping and handling we provided to you for free, as well as costs for inspection and for repackaging of your returned goods) are non-refundable, and will be deducted from your refund.



We have a fast processing time for orders in an effort to ensure quick delivery.  As a general rule, orders cannot be canceled if more than 1 hour has passed since the order was placed. If you would like to edit or cancel your order within this 1 hour please contact as soon as possible, and we’ll do our best to satisfy your requests.




Refunds for Re-routed or Refused Packages and Import Tariff Refusals

Orders re-routed to a different delivery address by you will not be eligible for any refunds. 


Orders for which delivery is refused by you (for any reason, including perceived shipping damages) will receive a refund of the purchase price minus the shipping cost after the package has been returned to us.


If your order is refused by the customs authorities in your country and cannot be delivered, you are eligible for or a refund.


Please note that many packages do require a signature on delivery to ensure safe delivery.  Please make sure you or someone responsible at your shipping address will be available to sign for your delivery, if required.